Nationals of the Past


Welcome to a trip down memory lane looking
at the BIS & RUBIS Winners of the National Shows




11th, 2012 Show was held at the KCC Park, Melbourne Victoria. Judge was Mrs Jadranka Mijatovic (Croatia).

BIS was Ch. Carluke Flirtwth Noskirt
Carluke Kennels

 Ch Swinbrad Jamaica Fantasy
10th, 2009 Show was held at the Bill Spilstead Complex, Erskine Park, NSW. Judge was Ms Jasna Kovacevic (Croatia) Triad.

BIS was Ch. Burdekin Bossy Boots
M Grant

RUBIS was Ch. Robgai Sierra Sunrise
Mr & Mrs R Doe



9th, 2007 Show was held at the KCC Park, Melbourne, Victoria. Judge was Mrs M Shiboleth (Israel), Netiv HaAyit.

BIS was Ch. Baqilodge Paid the Piper
M & J Kadan


RUBIS was Ch. Vedamea Knight o Fantasy
Mr. & Mrs. B. Ryan











8th, 2005 Show was held at the CCCQ Grounds in Queensland. Judge was Mrs S Clark (UK), Astrellita.
BIS was Ch. Lyntree MrCat Power
Mrs. P. Brooks
Dozer is shown here with his handler Mrs M Kelly

RUBIS was Ch. Foxbell Fine Cotton
Ms. J. Cook







7th, 2003 Show was held in South Australia. Judge was Mrs V Geddes (UK) Ingledene.
BIS was Ch. Cathkin Kith n Kin
Mrs. G. Jones & Ms. C. Dowley

RUBIS was Ch. Glenstone Bit of a Madam
Mr & Mrs V Brown


6th, 2000 Show was held at the Bill Spilstead Dog Complex at Luddenham in NSW. Judge was Mr H Jones (UK) Seafire.
BIS was Gr. Ch. Brentland Blue Cascade
Brentland Kennels

RUBIS was Ch. Caldbeck Out of the Blu
Mr. & Mrs. W. Phillips & Mrs. L. Carver


5th, 1997 Show was held in Western Australia. Judge was Baroness Dina von Hahn.
BIS was Leanor Silver Musetta
Mrs. V. Bond

RUBIS was Ch. Rodchere Coppa Maxim
Mr. D. Slater




4th, 1995 Show was held in South Australia. Judge was Mrs H Hunt (UK) Rifflesea Kennels.
BIS was Ch. Carluke Fancy Pants
Carluke Kennels

RUBIS was Ch. Denpat Blue Flash of Rothpen
Mrs. L. Carver





3rd, 1992 Show was held at the KCC Park, Melbourne, Victoria. Judge was Mrs S Wigglesworth (UK) Sandiacre
BIS was Ch. Lochmore Guest of Honour (imp NZ)
 Mr. K. Evans

RUBIS was Ch. Lochyle SongnDance Man
Lochyle Kennels




2nd, 1987 Show was held at the St Ives Showground in New South Wales. Judge was Mr L Peelen (Holland).
BIS was Ch. Glendallo Golden Shades
Mr. & Mrs. W. Scott

RUBIS was Ch. Edinslee Extra Special
Mr. & Mrs. W. Griffin & Mrs. R. Slade



1st, 1985 Show was held at CCCQ Grounds in Queensland. Judge was Mrs C Hoier (Denmark).

BIS was Ch. Jasandway Popular Alm
R Scholes



RUBIS was Riverwood Skye
Mr. S. Gilbert







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